About Bethel

Bethel, founded in 1982, is a Lutheran congregation in northeast Colorado Springs. We are associated with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC).

Bethel’s Mission Statement

Our Mission is to support and transform relationships with Christ so that God’s love and grace are known to the world.

Bethel means: ‘House of God…Surely the Lord is in this place.’ (Genesis 28:16)

Our logo contains a rock housed in a double tent design. From the rock are supporting beams that form a cross. The logo symbolizes Christ, the ‘rock,’ supporting the ‘house of God’ or congregation of God’s people.

Have you heard?

You matter to God, whether you’re 5, 105, younger, older, or anywhere in between. Some people are just investigating this message, while others have experienced the difference a relationship with Jesus Christ makes and are learning to follow Him.

Bethel – a Christ-centered community on a mission to transform lives until the whole world hears – serves as a comfortable and accepting place to do both.

We are a church of real people from across Colorado Springs. We live real lives. We make mistakes. What draws us together is the message that Jesus Christ changes lives. It’s a message of hope.

What about you? Would you like to explore the message? Are you looking for a place to teach your kids about God? Could you use a little hope in your life? It doesn’t matter where you’ve gone to church in the past – or even if you haven’t set foot in a church for years, decades, or ever. God has led you to Bethel, and we are eager to share His love with you.

Join us for worship. Check out our kids and youth ministries. Because we want the whole world to hear.

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