We want to hear your story

Ideas for small and simple random acts of kindness that you can do today. Send your results/writeup to pastorjohn@bethellutheran.net or use the “Tell Us Your Story” button to submit them by August 4!

  1. Make a list of the needs you see around you and start praying over them daily.

  2. If you have an elderly neighbor, check in to see how you can help him or her: Chores, food, lifting heavy things, yard work, conversation. Maybe take them a cup of coffee and settle in for a nice chat!

  3. Give your  spouse and kids extra hugs and kisses, tell  them you love them and are thankful for them.

  4. Leave your spouse love notes all over the house, just a few ·words on a post-it to let him/her know you're thankful for him/her.

  5. Take dinner to a friend or neighbor. This is especially helpful for someone who is having difficulty cooking for themselves or is just overwhelmed at the moment.

  6. Send or drop off flowers for a friend along with a note telling her you appreciate her.

  7. Send out a few "thinking of you” notes to friends for family members.

  8. Mow your neighbor's lawn.

  9. When you get your morning coffee, pick up an extra for a coworker, friend, or neighbor.

  10. Put together a few ‘blessing bags’ with toiletries, nonperishable food items, and a small Bible. Include in each bag a handwritten note describing God's love for us. Put them in your car and be ready to give them out when you see someone with an immediate need.

  11. Leave the server at a restaurant an extra-large tip and a sweet "thank you'' message.

  12. Choose an encouraging Bible verse and share it on social media.

  13. Pay for the people behind you in the drive-thru.

  14. Donate food to a local homeless shelter or food pantry.

  15. Make cookies for your (or your spouse's) coworkers.

  16. Make your husband/wife their favorite dinner and have the kids help with making a yummy dessert.

  17. Send a care package to a long-distance friend.

  18. Take care of a chore that you know your spouse doesn’t like doing.

  19. Babysit for a friend for free.

  20. Donate to a charity: Clothes, household items or money.


A Special Birthday Present

When my grandson Max told his mother, Andrea , to donate any check she would give him for his 21st birthday, Andrea got an idea. She handed Max's brother Charlie a video camera. Then she took out 21 $1O bills from the bank and bought 21 apples at the supermarket. When they spotted a homeless man, Andrea told him, "Today is my son Max's 21st birthday, and he asked me to give a gift to someone to help him celebrate." She handed the man a $10 bill and an apple. The man smiled into the camera and announced, "Happy birthday, Max!" Soon, they passed out their booty to men and women waiting in line at a soup kitchen. In a unified chorus, they wished Max, "Happy birthday!" At a pizza parlor, Andrea left $50 and told the owners to feed the hungry. "Happy birthday, Max!" they shouted. With one last $10 bill and apple, they stopped at Andrea's sister's office. She wished him one final great big, Happy Birthday! 


Making a Win-Win-Win

Guaranteed "win-win-win" situations are hard to come by. But here's one that needs only a few minutes to reap some rewards: Giving! Choose a few (or all) of these 30 acts of kindness to put a smile on someone's face today!  

Win #1: The recipients clearly benefit.

Win #2: The givers do, too! According to Jesus. "'It is more blessed to give than to receive"' (Acts 20:35), and not just because God will repay you for your generosity (Luke 6:38).

Win #3: Giving pleases God (Hebrews 13:16).  If you want your "win-win-win" but are strapped for gift ideas, think outside the box. "If someone has the gift of speaking words of comfort and help, he should speak. If someone has the gift of sharing what he has, he should give from a willing heart. If someone has the gift of leading other people, he should lead them. If someone has the gift of showing kindness to others, he should be happy as he does it" (Romans 12:8 N LV). 

Other Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

To start spreading love to your family, friends or people around you, check out this list packed with fun and practical random acts of kindness for families to give of their time. treasure and talent: 

  1. Smile at strangers - but not creepily.

  2. Donate blood to help others heal.

  3. Leave a thank-you note for your garbage collector or mail carrier.

  4. Donate financially (and anonymously!) to someone in need.

  5. Volunteer at a local animal shelter, even if it's cleaning cages rather than cuddling kittens .

  6. Offer to watch a frazzled friend 's kids for a few hours.

  7. Leave an encouraging note on a random car windshield in a parking lot.

  8. Donate gently worn clothes to a thrift store.

  9. Pay for the next person in line at the drive-thru.

  10. Rake leaves (or shovel snow) for a neighbor.

  11. Forgive someone you've been holding a grudge against.

  12. Compliment a stranger - be sincere, not suspicious!

  13. Give a faith-filled gift that'll inspire long-lasting joy. Here are some great ideas!

  14. Buy a few Bibles at a bookstore or thrift store and deliver to families that need one.

  15. Give hope, trustworthy guidance and stability to Canadian families through a donation to Focus on the Family or a similar ministry.

  16. When people around you are gossiping about someone, say a kind comment instead.

  17. At the grocery store checkout, let the person behind you go first.

  18. Honor a loved one by giving a gift in honor or in memory of someone who's passed.

  19. Offer to put someone's shopping cart away for them at the store. Bonus points if it's raining!

  20. Donate your talent. Are you a designer? Offer to design someone's Christmas cards. A pianist? Play a set at a nursing home. Photographer? Give away a family photo shoot.

  21. Talk to the quiet person who seems lonely or out-of-place at a party or church service.

  22. Tape coins to a vending machine to treat the next thirsty or hungry person.

  23. Run an errand for someone who has difficulty getting out and about.

  24. Invite someone over for dinner - even better if it's someone you've never invited over before!

  25. Organize a food drive at your work, school or church.

  26. Lift others up in prayer. For ideas of current needs. please email to join our prayer list.

  27. Write a thank-you note to your server at a restaurant .

  28. Straighten up shelves when you 're walking through the grocery aisle or the toy department.

  29. Find out how you can help adoptive families in your church or community - then help 'em!

  30. Pay the bill for the young family dining in the booth next to you at a restaurant.