Create Transactions Using MICR Scan  [only if we set this up and use it]

When entering transactions into Church Community Builder, you can use a MICR check scanner to quickly and easily pull up an individual's profile and enter their giving. If you want an overview of how MICR scanning works with Church Community Builder or need help setting up your MICR scanner, take a look at this article and this article.

Creating a MICR Match

  1. Click Financial

  2. Select the batch you wish to add transactions to or click Create batch if a new batch is required

  3. Once a batch has been chosen, click Enter Transactions

  4. From the transactions page, click Use MICR scan

  5. Scan the check

MICR Input.png

Note- If this is the first time the person's check is scanned, you'll need to match that person to the check.

  1. Begin typing first name, last name, or mailing address to generate a list of individuals you can match the scan to

  2. Select the person who matches the check

Note- You'll only need to do this step once for each new person 

No MICR Match.png
  1. On the transaction page, enter the needed data and click Save when you are done

  2. Once you click the Save button, the screen will go back to waiting for the next check scan.

  3. Repeat the above steps for each check