Create Transactions Using Giving Number

  1. Click Financial

  2. Select the batch you wish to add transactions to or click Create batch if a new batch is required

  3. Once a batch has been chosen, click Enter Transactions

  4. From the transactions page, click Use giving number search

  5. Enter the giving number and hit ENTER on your keyboard

Giving Number Input.png

Note- If this is the first time the person is entered, you'll need to match that person.

  1. Begin typing first name, last name, or mailing address to generate a list of individuals you can match the giving number to

  2. Select the person who matches the number

 Note- You'll only need to do this step once for each new person

  1. On the transaction page, enter the needed data and click Save when you are done

  2. Once you click the Save button, the screen will go back to waiting for the next giving number to be entered

  3. Repeat the above steps for each giving number