Bethel Lutheran Preschool provides classes for 3 and 4 year-olds.  Enrollment is limited to 30 children per day. 

Our teachers and assistants will lead classes of 12 to 18 students.

All children entering the Preschool must be toilet trained.  Sack lunches are provided by the children and their families.  When a child is enrolled, we assume it is for the entire year and our budget is planned accordingly.

The Preschool accepts all children without regard to race, religion, gender or ethnic origin. 

Children with learning disabilities or special needs will be accepted according to the ability of the staff to meet their specific needs.

Tuition Rates (2016-2017)

 2-day Program$175 monthly

 4-day Program$295 monthly



 Multi-Child Families:


     2 Children/2 Days each$290 monthly

     1 Ch/2 Days&1 Ch/4 Days$450 monthly

     2 Children/4 Days each$560 monthly

There is also a $80 non-refundable Registration Fee, due at the time of registration.

The tuition rates are based on nine monthly payments for the school year.